Annie V.

Jay and his crew are absolute professionals – they’re very keen to walk through every step with you to make sure it’s exact to your specifications, check in on any concerns, and are very careful with each element of the process.

My spouse and I had a gigantic unmanaged yard – that was SUNKEN, with no way to get in machinery. Working with Jay, we figured out a way to remove part of our fence, put in topsoil to make a ramp to get down their Bobcat (which they maneuvered past the few fragile things we had planted in our yard with the kind of skill that professional gamers and precision drivers should envy). They put in greatly expanded deck and new walkway (totally matching the style of bricks that had been there before), added three massive new planting beds (and Jay pitched in helping me move my older beds to a new safe place!), and turned that topsoil hill into a gentle slope for planting, ringed by beautiful slate boulders. People stop by and comment excitedly on how good everything looks – and we don’t even have anything PLANTED yet!

And all this work – precision, care, and special touches – was done in FOUR DAYS. Jay and his crew work carefully but they don’t let it push out their due-by date.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend JM. I saw a couple reviews on here with one-star harping that they didn’t get back to them, but seriously – JUST CALL AGAIN! Or email! I promise you if they’re ever a little hard to get a hold of, it’s because they’re in-demand for their excellent work. Be patient, reach out, and Jay will get a hold of you to meet and talk stuff over. And hopefully, you’ll end up with something you’re excited about and happy with, just like I did. 🙂